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Credit Options


A unique feature of the Alpha GPS & Geodesy offering is a series of  courses identified as GPS XXX. These base courses are all available for non-credit, and anybody can enroll at any time during the year. If enrollment takes place during a semester, the course terminates at the end of the following semester. There is an implicit that students are familiar with college-level calculus, statistics, and matrix operations. The students are free to decide how much effort they wish to put into these courses. If a minimum total score is achived,a letter of completion can be requested. For registration please check GPS-GAP Studies at Michigan Technological University (MTU).

Courses labeled SU XXXX  are available for credit through Michigan Technological University as part of the Surveying Engineering BS or the Integrated Spatial Technology MS Program. Students not currently enrolled at Michigan Technology University can enroll as non-degree student to get college credit. Tuition, semester schedule, prerequisites, grading and other matters strictly follow MTU rules. For more information visit the MTU website. To register as a non-degree student at MTU please click here.